We develop Direct Liquid FC (DLFC) —
a fundamentally new category of fuel cells.

We believe that the new system will address one of the fundamental drawbacks standing in the way of commercialization of low temperature fuel cells, i.e. the lack of availability of a hydrogen supply network, or reliance on expensive hydrocarbon reformers for generation of hydrogen.

Unlike conventional PEMFC or AFC, our DLFC generator can be powered directly by widely available and inexpensive fuels such as methanol or ethanol without any reforming.

The DLFC modules could be constructed from inexpensive materials at a sensible cost and would not require platinum catalyst.

Recently we successfully completed a conceptual design of the DLFC module, which resulted in several dramatic improvements in the technology.

Presently, a small laboratory-scale version of the system is undergoing various tests at our facility.

We intend to design 3-10 kW high performance DLFC generators suitable for low cost manufacturing on an industrial scale.

Hydrogen Economy Bright or Bleak?

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