work on Cascade - Electrochemical generator, designed by Independent Power Technologies, fuel cell company

Cascade - 6 is a contemporary Electrochemical Generator (ECG) — an environmentally clean, noiseless, safe and reliable source of energy for the 21st century.

The generator is based on advanced Alkaline Fuel Cell modules, which are powered by hydrogen and oxygen (air).
Hydrogen can be provided to the generator by pressurized gas tanks or supplied from various sources such as metal hydrides or reformed natural gas, or methanol, while oxygen can be acquired directly from the air.
remote control

The system generates electricity efficiently and consistently with
pure water and heat as the only by products.

  • Rapid start-up and shut-down subsystem makes the generator a reliable power source for an auxiliary and back-up power supply.

  • Special hydrogen burner allows to start-up the generator in extreme cold conditions without external power source.

  • Patented on-line regenerative scrubber is used for removal of carbon dioxide from the incoming air.

  • Specially designed peripheries allow long- and short-term storage of the system between operations without affecting its performance capabilities.

  • Fully automated control unit assures continuous on-line monitoring of the system operation.

  • Easy Operation
    User-friendly software allows operating the system with a simple touch of a button.

  • Operation and Storage at Cold Temperatures
    The system can safely operate and can be stored between operations in extreme cold conditions

  • Hydrogen Safety
    Leak proof piping and joints, sensors and specially designed valves eliminate any potential for hydrogen leakage from the system. Nitrogen purge is used for removal of traces of hydrogen from the system during storage and between operations.

  • Clean and Quiet
    The system generates quiet and environmentally acceptable energy, exhausting only heat and pure water.

  • High Efficiency
    The overall efficiency of the generator is almost 47 % at the nominal power load over a wide range of ambient conditions. The system operates under atmospheric pressure and employs components with ultra-low power consumption, which minimizes internal power losses.

  • Low Operating and Maintenance costs
    The system has relatively few moving parts and far less exposed to wear and tear which translates into lower operating and maintenance costs.

Scrubber - the component of Cascade - Electrochemical generator, designed by Independent Power Technologies, fuel cell company

One of the unique features of the generator is a patented zero-waste regenerative scrubber used for the removal of carbon dioxide from the incoming air. Today, it became a standard component in all IPT generators. And with its 10,000+ h of guaranteed lifetime, the scrubber reduces the operational cost and increases the overall serviceability of the generator.

In the past there had been speculations that the commercial potential of AFC technology is limited because carbon dioxide contamination from the air intake inhibits the performance of the alkaline electrolyte, thereby requiring regular electrolyte replacement. Recently, due to IPTs development and introduction of a zero-waste regenerative scrubber, this can now be considered one of the biggest myths surrounding AFC technology.

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