Welcome to Independent Power Technologies
            —   the world of clean air and zero emission
ZAO Independent Power Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of contemporary ElectroChemical Generators (ECGs) using fuel cells to deliver electrical power.

We are a team of knowledgeable scientists and engineers devoted to unlock the benefits of fuel cells by bringing them to the market and replacing existing energy technologies, which deplete precious natural resources and pollute the environment.

Today we work with Alkaline Fuel Cells (AFC) — the only mature and proven fuel cell technology that was used since the mid-1960s by NASA in the APOLLO and space shuttles, as well as by the Soviet Space Agency in the SOYUZ and BURAN programs to power electrical systems on spacecraft.

Our company offers 6 kW ElectroChemical Generators for an efficient, reliable and clean energy production at sensible cost. Our generators can be employed as a primary or auxiliary power source for residential and commercial distributed power generation, small commercial vessels, fishing boats and pleasure crafts. We forge ahead into hitherto undiscovered area of the expanded usage of AFC as alternative energy technology.

We also research on the new type of fuel cells — DLFC, combining robustness and reliability of AFC technology with the ability to be powered by renewable liquid fuels such as ethanol and methanol.

Our company is 100% privately owned and holds all intellectual property, patents and know-how it develops.

We partner with the leading companies and research organizations such as Rocket Space Corporation ENERGIA, Research-Production Enterprise KVANT and Frumkin Institute of Electrochemistry (Moscow) helping to commercialize our products.

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